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DEQ-5 Questionnaire Results

Thank you for taking this survey

Thank you for completing the SPEED Questionnaire!
This assessment is your first step toward finding relief from dry eye.

If your score is:
0-4 you are experiencing MILD dry eye symptoms
5-7 you are experiencing MODERATE dry eye symptoms
8+ you are experiencing SEVERE dry eye symptoms

The SPEED Questionnaire is one tool we use to help assess your dry eye symptoms. No matter what you scored on the quiz, we take your overall eye health very seriously. Please complete the information below and our office will contact you to schedule a dry eye evaluation.
Would you like our practice to contact you to schedule a dry eye evaluation?
Would you be interested in receiving information about dry eye treatment, dry eye prevention and more?
Thank you taking our Speed™ Questionnaire! While this isn't a true assessment regarding whether you have dry eye syndrome or not, many practices use questions like these to indicate patients most at risk for dry eye.

This quiz is not designed to constitute advice as to your visual health or, more particularly, to provide a diagnosis. An accurate diagnosis for vision problems and conditions can only be made by an eye practitioner following a complete eye examination.

For more information about your dry eye concerns, speak to your eye doctor at your next eye exam or you can schedule a dry eye appointment by calling us at 239-908-4098. Make sure to ask our team about receiving coverage through your medical and/or vision insurance.

If you are still interested in having your eyes checked by our Whetstone Eye Care dry eye professional Dr. Ray C. Whetstone, please click the link below.

Request A Dry Eye Appointment