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THE STAFF AT Whetstone Eye Care

Our exceptional eye care staff in Naples, Florida look forward to helping you and your family with all your eye care needs. Our exceptional, friendly staff is our greatest asset. They are excited about what they do and they care personally about getting the best results for our patients.At Whetstone Eye Care, we are dedicated to optimizing your vision care.

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Meet Our Team in Naples, Florida

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Misty Sammons


Whetstone Eye Care in Naples

Whetstone Eye Care provides innovative eye care services to patients from in and around Naples. Our eye care experts offer comprehensive eye health assessments, ocular disease diagnosis and treatment, contact lens evaluation and fitting, and prescriptions.

The team at Whetstone Eye Care aims to provide the best possible solution for the patient's eye health and vision needs. By utilizing the latest technologies and evidence-based treatments, we can ensure that each patient maintains optimal eye health.

We welcome new patients and accept most major forms of insurance.